DSF Wins Most Improved Society


The last year for Durham Student film has been a huge success and as a result the DSU has rewarded us with the award for ‘Most Improved Society‘.

Things got of to a great start in October when we held the Horror Film Festival, with three teams, Ghost, Slasher and Monster all battling it out to be crowned the winner. With each team inflated by new members and competition fierce, all the films were high quality but it was the Slasher film that claimed victory.

Following the horror festival’s success we held our first 48 Hour Film festival, the idea here is that each team is given a genre to base their film on as well as a line and a prop that must feature. Many of these occurred throughout the year and always with interesting results. Try getting the line ‘I want my dressing gown back’ into a Western, set in Durham, in under 48 hours. Winners included the infamous ‘Go Fish’ which successfully weirded everyone out with it’s trippy sequences centered around the Durham Lumiere Festival.

Christmas time gave members the opportunity to create a 30 second short which helped us all get in a festive mood before our Christmas meal at the New Inn. After the holidays the stage was set for the annual Durham Student Film Festival. With months of planning bringing films from Durham and across the globe, this was set to be the largest event in the society history. Entries included a documentary about rap music in prisons, a film about ninja nuns (Nunjas) and a heart warming tail about two kids building a rocket ship. All the films were of exceptional quality so next year will have a hard act to follow.

Alongside these events there has been a lot of other things going on. Many members were involved in a separate project entitled ‘Catherine’, a story about the every day life of vampire, which has set the record for the society film with the longest production time. There have been socials, quiz nights and rap parties, as well as event filming for various businesses in Durham.

The past year as seen the society come a long way and grow in size and spirit. Next year promises to be even better and with the help of everyone in Durham Student Film we can accomplish so much more.

Here’s to another great year at Durham!

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